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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Content: Pixton - Reindeer Flight School

This comic strip gives some introductory material about projectile motion to Santa's reindeer in training.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    This is some really cool stuff. I was a little worried when I read the cartoon strip that you thought projectile motion HAD to be in 2D, but you have some 1D examples in your glog, so that's good! Your blabber cleared up the other thing that wasn't too clear in the cartoon, that the only time it would be projectile motion is when the reindeer aren't flying, since the definition of projectile motion is something that is launched, but then not powered. Your cartoon would be great for people who had some understanding, but it would be nice if you incorporated these other ideas from your other presentations, then you would have a great introduction for anyone!

    I wish my college students put together such great, interesting stuff.

    Gay Stewart, prof, physics, University of Arkansas (and a big fan of your teacher!)